Occupational Injuries among Agricultural Workers 51 to 61 Years Old: A National Study

Journal of Agricultural Safety and Health
  • Davis, Charles S.;
  • Heeringa, Steven G.;
  • Sprince, Nancy L.;
  • Wallace, Robert B.;
  • Whitten, Paul S.;
  • Zwerling, Craig


Using the Health and Retirement Study (HRS), a nationally representative survey of Americans 51 to 61 years old, we examined risk factors for occupational injuries among agricultural workers. Of the 9,756 age-appropriate Americans in the HRS cohort, we studied the 237 farm operators, farm workers, and workers in other agricultural occupations. Using logistic regression analysis, we found that agricultural workers differ from all other occupations in the pattern of risk factors associated with occupational injuries. While heavy lifting and poor sight were risk factors for both agricultural workers and other workers, self-employment was a risk factor for agricultural workers and a protective factor for other workers. Poor hearing and a job requiring good vision were risk factors for other workers, but were protective for agricultural workers. Depression and dissatisfaction with life circumstances were more strongly associated with injuries among agricultural workers than among other workers.

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