Do the Job Right: Safe Lawn and Grounds Maintenance

This video is an instructional video designed both to train the new employee and retrain or update the experienced grounds maintenance worker. In a seminar-style setting, the video encourages comments or questions from the audience and includes three "discussion breaks" where viewers may stop and discuss keypoints. It discusses why and how accidents involving commercial-grade lawn equipment occur. Types of accidents are covered, including those involving lifting, pushing and pulling; sprains and strains; back injuries; electrical hazards; and overexertion or heat exhaustion. It provides information on safe lifting practices, equipment inspections, proper mowing practices, protection from overexertion, hand tool safety, and proper use of personal protective equipment and clothing. It also discusses general safety precautions such as proper nutrition and rest,and avoiding alcohol, drug and medications which may cause drowsiness during work.
30 min
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