Holding Effective Safety Meetings

Discover how to hold effective and motivating safety meetings. Safety meetings are meant to provide important information and to motivate workers to follow safety procedures. Yet neither of these goals is met if these meetings are not well designed and executed. "Holding Effective Safety Meetings" is aimed at anyone who must run a safety meeting whether as safety director, supervisor, or an hourly worker on the safety committee. the video begins with the important groundwork that must be accomplished to prepare for safety documentation that is necessary to demonstrate to OSHA or other regulatory agencies that the training actually has taken place. The complete program includes one 18-minute video and a trainer's manual.
18 min
Request video: ELK-004 (Free preview available) Contact: LearnCom Safety Resources Hap Newell, ESH Sales Manager 1-800-217-2338 URL: http://www.learncom.com/safety/index.do
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Safety directors, supervisors and managers