Safety: Not by Accident

This video aims to teach workers how to make safety a habit. Workers become more alert to safety concerns by seeing how to tune into "safety prompters," both on and off the job. Safety prompters serve as visual triggers to remind workers of safety principles they have learned and to keep them focused on doing the job safely. The video discusses prompters such as safety equipment and clothing, warning signs, labels, supervisors and close calls. It also points out things that get in the way of safety including over-familiarity, haste, taking chances, unsafe acts by co-workers, distractions, fatigue, and more. The complete program includes an 11-minute video, leader's guide and 10 participant workbooks.
11 min
Request video: SOU-008 (Free preview available) Contact: LearnCom Safety Resources Hap Newell, ESH Sales Manager 1-800-217-2338 URL:
Purchase -- $295.00 (DVD or VHS; English or Spanish)
All workers