Can You Hear Me?

Covers the basics of hearing protection. Loud music has conditioned some people to loud noises. Perhaps even deafened some. As a result, many workers don't like to wear ear plugs or other devices designed to protect their hearing on the job. Excuses range from discomfort to being unable to hear instructions to statements that they don't mind the noise. Gaining worker cooperation in this area can often be a problem. "Can You Hear Me?" challenges excuses for not wearing protective devices by showing what sound can do to hearing, portraying symptoms of hearing loss, and illustrating how industrial noise can lead to irreversible hearing loss. It presents powerful reasons to protect hearing. The complete program includes one 14-minute video and a trainer's manual.
14 min
Request video: ASF-016 (Free preview available) Contact: LearnCom Safety Resources Hap Newell, ESH Sales Manager 1-800-217-2338 URL:
Purchase -- $295.00 (DVD or VHS; English or Spanish)
All workers