Signs, Tags, Labels and Placards

Injuries can be prevented and lives saved when signs, tags, labels, and placards are used properly. This program explains in simple-to-understand terms the meaning of colors, symbols, words, and numbers. It explains the three colors identifying the levels of safety; presents the safety signal words; explains the difference between Haz Comm Standard labels and DOT labels; covers ANSI label requirements; presents the NFPA Hazard Warning System requirements, and details special packing instructions for hazardous materials. Throughout the work environment, signs, tags, labels, and placards save lives by marking hazardous situations or equipment; warning of specific hazardous materials; providing safety procedures; or pointing the way out for an emergency evacuation. The complete program includes one 17-minute video and a trainer's manual with test materials available for duplication.
17 min
Request video: ELK-005 (Free preview available) Contact: LearnCom Safety Resources Hap Newell, ESH Sales Manager 1-800-217-2338 URL:
Purchase -- $295.00 (DVD or VHS; English)
All workers