Tractor Safety

Following safety rules is particularly important when you're operating heavy equipment such as a tractor. This new video, "It's Not Gonna Happen To Me," stresses safety practices and emphasizes knowing your tractor. "Preoperation Check" opens the video, directing you to examine such details as the spinner shield, shaft, tires, oil and fuel shutoff cable before operation. "Transporting Tractors" is outlined next, with emphasis on toe-in and wheel spacing adjustment, locking and adjusting the steering brakes, and paying attention to cargo movement."Operation Check" stresses removing hazards from the area to be worked, backing up steep hills and loading ramps, avoiding "sideways" driving on a hill, hitching chains to the drawbar only, and other important details. "Tractor Behavior and Accident Prevention" focuses on the most common tractor mishaps and how they can be avoided. Finally "Emergency Response Procedures" urges the training of all workers in First Aid and outlines what you should do in the event of an accident. Following the safety practices in this new video could save your life. They are rules every tractor operator should know and live by.
24 min.
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