El Terror Invisible: Pesticide Safety for North Carolina

This video contains three segments in Spanish with English subtitles. Each segment can be viewed separately, but the second and third segments build on information presented in the first.

Pesticide Safety Risks from Pesticides - and The Invisible Terror provides basic information for field workers as required by the 40 CFR Part 70 Worker Protection Standard.
Running time: 27 minutes

Handler: What's Involved in Becoming a Pesticide Handler outlines the knowledge and skills needed to be a designated pesticide handler as required by 40 CFR Part 70.
Running time: 17.5 minutes

Green Tobacco Sickness Mean Green and Other Risks presents information on the symptoms, causes, treatment and prevention of green tobacco sickness.
Running time: 9 minutes.

54 min
To order this video, call 336-716-4982 or e-mail Thomas Arcury at tarcury@wfubmc.edu. Mailing address: Thomas Arcury, Department of Family and Community Medicine Wake Forest University Medical School Winston-Salem, NC 27157-1084. Cost of video: $15.00
Spanish-speaking farm workers in North Carolina