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Immigrant Dairy Worker Health & Safety Seguridad en las lecherias Dairy safety practices, Animal handling, Heavy equipment and machinery, Workers' rights and responsibilities, and Chemical & confined spaces Upper Midwest Agricultural Safety and Health Center and Migrant Clinician’s Network Five OSHA approved modules including visual guides (Spanish & English) migrantclinician.org/seguridad
Dairy Farm Safety Animal care, milking barn safety, feeding and other safety issues, including articles on regulations, safety issues, and disease University of Texas Safety management questionnaire, mobile safety training videos, and articles (English) sph.uth.edu/dairy-farm-safety/
Dairy Tip Sheets Animal handling and related activities, with focus on tools and methods to prevent body motion injury University of Wisconsin Fact sheets with text and pictures, related to specific tasks (English) bse.wisc.edu/HFHP/tipdairy.htm
Dairy 365 Gentle animal handling and movement, animal health diagnosis and treatment, animal care on dairy farms Merck 15-20 minute videos plus questionnaires English, 1 video in (Spanish) dairycare365.com/
Dairy Farm Safety Animal handling, hazardous chemicals, farm equipment, and identification of dairy farm hazards University of Wisconsin Modular format including PPT and workbook (English) www.osha.gov/dte/grant_materials/fy11/sh-22318-11.html
Considering Human and Animal Safety Modular program: Animal handling, Ergonomics, Slips and falls, and Chemical handling U.S. Dairy Education & Training Consortium Modular video presentation 10-15 minutes per module (English, some Spanish) youtube.com/playlist?list=PLY7X QBihZRNux6fNXaUbFMEfuvE7j89Rb
Needlestick Prevention Resources to educate and prevent injuries in swine and dairy operations. University of Minnesota Factsheets and videos (Spanish & English) umash.umn.edu/needlestick-prevention/
FARM videos Animal Handling National Dairy Farm Program Online videos (Spanish & English) nationaldairyfarm.com/video
Dairy Foto Novella Animal Handling Western Center for Ag Health and Safety, UC Davis Foto Novela (Spanish & English) agcenter.ucdavis.edu/dairy_guide.php
Stockmanship Dairy Stockmanship is a practice which promotes positive animal handling. Upper Midwest Agricultural Safety and Health Center Posters and factsheets (English), and videos (Spanish &English) umash.umn.edu/stockmanship/
Dairy Safety Training Guide Machinery related accidents and animal safety Western Center for Ag Health and Safety, UC Davis Online training, including pictographics and activity sheets (Spanish & English) agcenter.ucdavis.edu/dairy_guide.php

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