Safe Clothing - Noise and Hearing

Farm equipment can generate high noise levels. High sound levels pose serious health risks to the people who work long hours around this equipment. Hearing damage seldom occurs with one loud noise, but it does result from exposure to loud noises over an extended period of time.

All sound is measured in decibels. But not all sound levels are a hazard. Sound levels that cause hearing loss begin at about 85 dB(A) Reducing high noise levels is the best way to prevent hearing loss, this can be reduced by using a sound-proofing barrier between the ear and the source of the noise.

Wearing proper ear muffs or ear plugs is another way to reduce the sound level at the ear. This worker is not wearing his properly, because half of his ear is uncovered. Ear plugs inserted into the ear can be an alternative to wearing ear muffs.

Ear muffs cover the ear and ear canal to provide a barrier to sound. They do not block out all tractor sounds, therefore, conversation for information and safety purposes is readily heard.

Sound-proof tractor cabs are one way to reduce noise levels of tractor engines.

This video is used for the National Safe Tractor and Machinery Operation Program (NSTMOP),, and in the AgSafety4U program.

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