Safe Clothing - Around Machinery

Torn or loose clothing with threads or long cords may expose you to a number of dangers around operating agricultural machinery. These, and open or bagging shirts can become hooked or caught on tractors or machine components as you mount, dismount, or move around the machines.

When you are working near the moving parts of machines, clothes can be caught by unguarded rotating parts, and pull you into the machine before you have time to react. Most serious injuries involving PTOs occur because of loose clothing, long shoe laces, or cords from jackets and sweatshirts.

Long hair, on both girls and boys, has gotten caught in machinery resulting in the person being scalped, or even killed. Keep hair tied up or under a hat to keep it from being caught in a machine.

A safe worker around agricultural machinery wears close fitting trousers and shirts, work boots with a heel and shoelaces tucked in, with hair tied up or kept under a hat.

This video is used for the National Safe Tractor and Machinery Operation Program (NSTMOP),, and in the AgSafety4U program.

More Agricultural safety videos can be found on eXtension's AgSafety4u Youtube channel:

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