Tips on Eye Protection

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Your eyes are the only ones you will ever have. They are not replaceable. If you want them to last a lifetime, you need to protect them now.

Recognize situations that are dangerous to your eyes.

  • Working in or around tree branches
  • Using power tools like drills, grinders, saws, etc.
  • Using hand tools like chisels, axes, any tools you strike
  • Pouring, mixing, or applying chemicals
  • Using a chain saw
  • Using a string trimmer
  • Welding
  • Anywhere a flying particle could hit you in the eye
  • Anywhere you could get poked in the eye
  • Anywhere chemical splash or spray could hit you in the eye
  • Being in the sun for extended periods of time (ultraviolet radiation)

Always use proper eye protection

  • Approved safety glasses (not simple sun glasses or eye glasses) are needed to protect against flying particles or being poked.
  • Protection from the side is needed as well as from the front.
  • Goggles and face shields are even better when working with lots of flying particles, like around metal chips, in very dusty environments, or when pouring or mixing chemicals.
  • Properly tinted safety glasses for outdoor use are needed to protect against ultraviolet rays.
  • Welding requires special welding helmets and lenses. When chipping slag from a weld, always have eye protection.
  • Certain chemicals require special chemical goggles. Never take shortcuts
  • It only takes one chip or poke to destroy an eye.
  • Don’t skip eye protection just because you are in a hurry or only drilling one hole, making one saw cut, or doing something for a very short period of time.
  • Always ask a supervisor if you have a question.


Safety Training for Employers and Supervisors of Adolescent Farmworkers

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