“For you, and for the next generation”—Call or click before you dig

October 30, 2015 was just another late fall day for John and Rick Proulx as the father-son farming duo conducted clean-up work on their land in northwestern Minnesota. But in moments, things for both men suddenly went from just another day, to a day unlike any other.

Calling 811 (U.S.) or clicking before you dig (U.S. and Canada) allows you have underground utilities, including pipelines, located so you can work safely around them. Watch this video for the true story of a contractor who struck an Enbridge pipeline—and how the incident could have been prevented by calling or clicking before digging. Video courtesy of Enbridge.

Calling 811 or visiting ClickBeforeYouDig.com is a simple process and it’s always the safest option anytime someone plans to move earth or disturb soil. Calling or clicking takes just minutes, and it results in a damage-free project 99 percent of the time. Always call or click before you dig.

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