Tractor Operation Safety

Know the Rules

Most farm operations have rules governing operation and maintenance of equipment. Before you start work, check with your supervisor. Ask about rules you may be expected to obey.

These are some rules you must live by:

  • Know the capacity and operating characteristics of your tractor and the various attachments and implements you will be using.
  • Never modify or remove any part of the equipment.
  • Buckle-up your safety belt (if equipped with a roll over protective structure -- ROPS) before you start up. If your tractor is equipped with a foldable/telescopic ROPS follow manufacturer's specific instructions for safety belt use with foldable/telescopic ROPS.
  • Keep others away from your operation and remember, NO RIDERS!
  • Never use attachments unless they are properly matched to your tractor.
  • Never allow children or unqualified persons to operate your tractor.
  • Before dismounting, always disengage the power take-off (PTO), lower all attachments and implements to the ground, place tractor in park (or neutral), engage parking brake and shut-off the engine.
  • If machine is to be unattended, cycle hydraulic controls, and remove ignition key.

Know the rules -- live by them.



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