Play It Safe: A Safety Exercise For the Whole Family

Dear Mom and Dad,

Please help me answer the following questions about farm and home safety. I know you want me to be safe and I want you to teach me how.

  • Are children kept off equipment?  Yes  No
    • Do we follow the NO SEAT NO RIDER rule when using farm tractors, riding lawn mowers, home and garden tractors and ATV's?  Yes  No
    • Why is it dangerous to have extra riders on equipment?

    • What would happen if the extra rider were bumped or knocked off the equipment?

    • Could you stop in time if I fell off?  Yes  No

  • Are small children kept away from work areas?  Yes  No
    • Are they made aware of dangers around the home/farm, like machinery and chemicals?  Yes  No
    • When starting farm machinery, and especially when backing up, does the operator know where all the children are?  Yes  No

  • Many children are hurt because they are asked to do dangerous jobs they are not physically or mentally mature enough to handle.
    • Are children given jobs that are appropriate for their age?  Yes  No
    • Have all of our equipment operators had good training?  Yes  No

  • Are shields and guards in place on all equipment?  Yes  No
    • Are machine operators careful to avoid wearing loose fitting clothing or long dangling hair around the moving parts of equipment?  Yes  No
    • What could happen if shields and guards were left off so people could see the moving parts of equipment?

  • Are dangerous chemicals and cleaners around the house and farm kept locked up and stored in their original containers?  Yes  No
    • Why are some farm and home chemicals dangerous?

  • Does everyone in our family know what to do in an emergency?  Yes  No
    • Are emergency numbers like the fire department, rescue squad, police and poison control center listed near the phone along with directions to our home? :Yes :No
    • Why is this important?

  • What could happen if I played on or around big tractor tires leaning up against a barn or tree?

    • Do we have big tires that we need to lay on the ground?  Yes  No

  • What can we do as a family to make our home or farm safer?

  • If there are some dangers on our farm or around our house that I forgot to ask about, will you promise to tell me about them so I can be safe?

I pledge to do everything reasonable to promote and practice safety in our home or on our farm.


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