Play It Safe: Test #1: Key

Teachers: Please administer pre-test before the school program and the post-test within one week of the program. Correct and share with children. Please return all tests with class grade average for both pre and post-tests. We will use responses and score changes to help evaluate the program and improve delivery. Thank you.

Send materials to: UVM Extension System, Farm Safety Program, RR 1 BOX 2280, Morrisville VT 05661.

  1. How many passengers, or extra riders should be allowed on a tractor or riding lawn mower?
    Answer: None.
  2. What age person is most likely to get seriously injured on a farm?
    Answer: Children from 5 to 14 years old.
  3. Where and how should cleaners and chemicals be stored?
    Answer: They should be in their original container and locked up - out of the reach of children.
  4. What piece of farm machinery is most often involved in accidents and injuries?
    Answer: Tractor.
  5. What rule should we follow when using tractors, ATV's, or riding lawn mowers?
    Answer: One seat, one rider.
  6. Why should we wear safety helmets and other protective gear when riding ATV's, bicycles, or snowmobiles?
    Answer: To prevent serious injuries, maybe to save your life
  7. What is a PTO and why is it dangerous?
    Answer: Power take-off shaft on back of tractor that drives equipment (like baler). It turns very fast and can tear clothes or limbs off.
  8. What can happen to you over a period of time if you work or play around loud equipment, like chainsaws, wood splitters, lawn mowers, or tractors without protective equipment?
    Answer: Loud noises, without hearing protection can cause hearing loss.
  9. Why should we ask permission before crossing a fence into a field?
    Answer: The fence may be electrified; it may be made of barbed wire which can cut you; there may be a bull or protective livestock out of sight; and it is just using good manners.
  10. Who is responsible for farm and home safety?
    Answer: Everyone

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