Snowmobiles and Youth Safety Packet

Snowmobiles and Youth Table of Contents

Dear Child Safety Advocate:

The "Snowmobiles & Youth" resource packet contains materials that may be relevant to your injury prevention efforts related to snowmobiles. This packet contains several revised and selected new materials. Components are intended to provide professionals with relevant injury facts, suggestions for prevention, and approaches to safe operation of snowmobiles. Items included were developed with funding from the Maternal and Child Health Bureau.

Feel free to contact the CSN Rural Injury Prevention Resource Center if you would like to discuss the contents of this packet or other rural injury prevention efforts. Additional packets may be purchased at a cost of $3 each. You may also copy any of the materials for educations purposes. We would appreciate being acknowledged as the source of information and notified of the use of the materials. We are interested in your comments regarding the information provided in this packet. Comments can be directed to the CSN Rural Center


Barbara Lee, RN, PhD

Chris Hanna, MPH
Program Manager


Fact Sheet:Snowmobile Injury
Youth Prevention Strategies: What can child advocates do?
Selected Safety Education Programs
Selected National Organizations
State Snowmobile Safety Education Programs
Helmet Promotion Folder
Snowmobile Web Sites
When can youth safely participate in snowmobiling?

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