The "Mr.Good Egg Farmer" Model Tractor Overturn Activity Instructor's Guide and Activity Materials

  • Piercy, Larry R.;
  • Cole, Henrey

Instructor's Guide and Activity Materials Table of Contents

Additional Charts for Teaching The Value of ROPS

Three sets of charts and graphs are provided in this section. To facilitate their use as overhead transparencies and poster displays, each chart or graph is printed in landscape with large type These graphic materials are useful for follow-up discussions and other tractor safety activities and displays following the Mr. Good Egg Farmer activity. They are also useful as materials for use in other farm safety presentations.

The large collection of charts and graphs in this section contain a great deal of information, too much to be used in any one session. Therefore, the instructor should select those graphs and charts that are most useful for the group with whom he or she is working with the Mr. Good Egg Farmer demonstration or some other activity.

Selected graphs and charts can also be used to prepare short and effective oral or poster presentations on many aspects of tractor safety. The materials included in this section are intended for this purpose. They provide information from recent studies of tractor overturn hazards, injuries, fatalities, and the prevention of these hazards and injuries. The information and concepts presented in the graphs and charts are of great interest to the farmers we have spoken and interacted with.

ROPS and Seat Belts: The Difference Between Life and Death

The first set of eight charts depicts a Mr. Good Egg Farmer on three tractors. The first model tractor has no ROPS or seat belt. The second model tractor has a ROPS but Mr.Good Egg does not wear the seat belt. The third model tractor is retrofitted with a ROPS and Mr. Good Egg wears the seat belt. Each of these three conditions is depicted by two drawings, one with the tractor upright, and one after the tractor has overturned. These diagrams help summarize the key message in the Mr. Good Egg Farmer activity, or may be used in other ways as part of other poster displays or educational program activities.

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