The "Mr.Good Egg Farmer" Model Tractor Overturn Activity Instructor's Guide and Activity Materials

  • Piercy, Larry R.;
  • Cole, Henrey

Instructor's Guide and Activity Materials Table of Contents

Evaluation of the Mr. Good Egg Farmer Simulation Activity

A one-page evaluation form for the Mr. Good Egg farmer activity is provided on the next page. Duplicate copies of this form before you conduct the activity. After you complete the activity and the discussion, give each person a copy of the questionnaire and then ask them to answer each question. Collect the completed questionnaires and return them to the University of Kentucky We will use the information and your advice to improve the activity. Return the completed evaluation forms to

Henry Cole
Southeast Center for Agricultural Health and Injury Prevention
1141 Red Mile Road
University of Kentucky
Lexington, KY 40536-0084

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