How Does Safety Rate on Your Farm or Ranch?

  • Karsky, Thomas J.;
  • Jaussi, A. K.




Priority level

Target date

Hazard corrected


Does the person who uses the lawn mower always wear heavy shoes?






Does the person who mows the lawn always pickup trash etc., first?






Does the lawn mower have safety shields?

Is a grass catcher used to help prevent objects from being "thrown" by the rotary mower?






Do you always turn the lawn mower off (or disengage the blade) before crossing gravel drives or walkways?






Do you always refill the lawn mower and other as tanks outdoors?






Is extra gasoline stored in a safety gas can?

Do you always disconnect the spark plug wire before tipping the lawn mower up to do any servicing under the mower deck?






Do you keep good mufflers on all gasoline-powered lawn mowers, leaf mulchers or snow throwers?






Do you insist that everyone leave the area of lawn you are mowing?






Do you work across the slope with a hand lawn mower?

Do you mow up and down the slope with a riding mower?

Do you always look behind you before backing up a riding mower?






Do you make it a practice to never pull a hand mower toward yourself?






Do you always wear hearing protection when operatin power lawn equipment?







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