How Does Safety Rate on Your Farm or Ranch?

  • Karsky, Thomas J.;
  • Jaussi, A. K.




Priority level

Target date

Hazard corrected


Do you clean the stove's exhaust hood and duct frequently?






Are cleaners, disinfectants, poisons, etc., secured out of reach of children and away from foods?






Do you always use a step stool for climbing?

Are utensils and knives neatly stored?

Are handles of pots and pans always turned away from stove fronts?






Are cracked or chipped dishes and glassware disposed of immediately?






Are spills wiped up immediately?

Are cupboard contents kept orderly to prevent falling objects?






Is a fully charged fire extinguisher available?

Are matches and lighters kept out of reach of children?







Is there adequate lighting at entrances?

Are tripping hazards cleaned-up?

Are steps well maintained?







Is furniture arranged to avoid bumping knees and shins?

Are electrical cords kept away from carpets?

Are fireplace screens used effectively?

Are throw rugs avoided to prevent tripping hazards?

Is furniture kept away from windows to prevent children from falling out?






Are screens and windows secured to prevent children from falling?






Have plans been made for a fire escape route from bedrooms?







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