How Does Safety Rate on Your Farm or Ranch?

  • Karsky, Thomas J.;
  • Jaussi, A. K.




Priority level

Target date

Hazard corrected


Are lamps located near beds to prevent tripping in the dark?

Are all chimneys checked for obstructions?







Are buildings free of litter and debris?

Are walkways, aisles and traffic areas clear of any obstructions?






Is there adequate lighting in work and travel areas?

Are stairs in good condition and equipped with handrails?

Are stairs kept clear of obstacles on steps and landings?

Are permanent ladders in good condition and inspected regularly?






Have defects in concrete floors been repaired?

Are low ceilings, beams, etc., marked clearly with signs or florescent materials to prevent bumping into them?






Are stored materials properly stacked to prevent them from falling?






Are protrusions such as nails removed from walls, railings, etc., to prevent contact?






Are nails removed from used lumber before stacking?

Do you wipe up spills immediately?

Is there ample walking space between stored machines?

Are keys removed from stored machines?

Do large doors open smoothly?

Are floor openings protected to prevent individuals from falling through?






Do you keep your tractor and/or other fuel burning equipment in an outbuilding separate from the barn or other buildings?






Do you avoid storing flammable liquids in barns or other structures?







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