How Does Safety Rate on Your Farm or Ranch?

  • Karsky, Thomas J.;
  • Jaussi, A. K.




Priority level

Target date

Hazard corrected


In hazardous areas, are NO SMOKING signs place in prominent locations?






Are light bulbs and heat lamps protected with wire guards?

Are roofs checked for leaks where hay or straw are stored? (Wet hay or straw could lead to spontaneous combustion.)






Are lightning rods checked for proper installation and grounding?






Do all telephones prominently display fire department numbers and farm location?






Are appropriate fire extinguishers located strategically for easy access in case of fire?






Are fire extinguishers inspected regularly?

Do livestock buildings have at least two exits for animals?

Are doors and gate latches easy to open?

Are faulty wiring and electrical equipment repaired or replaced immediately?






Does your family periodically review how to operate fire extinguishers and discuss emergency plans?

Do you regularly dispose of garbage and other combustibles?






Are flammable liquids properly stored away from any ignition sources?






Do you take care not to damage concealed electrical wiring when drilling hole or driving nails into walls?






Are matches and lighters stored safely and out of reach of children?






Is there a water source that can be quickly and easily accessed in all kinds of weather for fire fighting?






Are chimneys and heater pipes clean and in good condition?

Do you obtain an outdoor burning permit where required?


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