How Does Safety Rate on Your Farm or Ranch?

  • Karsky, Thomas J.;
  • Jaussi, A. K.




Priority level

Target date

Hazard corrected


Have you discussed the various types of insulation in buildings with your insurance company?






Are power lines, poles and other electrical hardware coming into the farm in a state of repair?






Have trees been trimmed away from conductors?

Have you had overhead lines relocated underground to avoid contact with high vehicles in the farmyard?






Do all outlets have three-pronged receptacles to provide proper grounding of electrical tools and appliances?






Are there sufficient outlets to eliminate the continued use of extension cords?






Are bare light bulbs protected from being hit by objects?

Are outside outlets weatherproof and installed with ground fault circuit interrupters?






Is your TV antenna located far enough from wires in case it falls during a storm?






Do you have warning systems to indicate the failure of vital equipment?






Do livestock ever act wary or refuse to drink?

Do you unplug tools and equipment that are not being used?






Do your tools and appliances carry UL listing?

Are checks always made for underground wiring before digging?

Is the correct sized fuse always used in circuits?

Are prop er fuses used in circuits where furnaces, dryers, ranges, air conditioners, etc. are connected ?

Are fuses and switches all labeled properlyto prevent confusion in an emergency?


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