Pickup Restraints (Outing with Friends) (PSA Radio Script)

60 seconds

Sound FX: Group of people talking, laughing, music is heard in background.
Scene: Friends are gathered, they plan a group outing.

Pedro:C'mon you guys ... let's go to the the park! Put the ice chest and the chairs in the pickup.

Javier:I'll ride in the back of the pickup with the stuff.

Pedro:No, Javier! Don't you know that since January 1st it is illegal to ride in the back of a pickup that doesn't have a camper or properly installed seats with safety belts? And I'm not taking any chances with someone getting hurt or getting a ticket!

Javier:No! I didn't know! But it's a good idea! To be honest, I never felt very safe riding back there.

Pedro:According to the California Highway Patrol thousands of people are hurt each year by being thrown out of the back ends of pickups!... And many are farmworkers like us...

Javier:Well, I'm not going to be one of them... I'm riding inside with you!

Narrator:Don't become one of this year's fatalities. To ride in the back of a pick-up is illegal and dangerous. Don't risk your life.

A message from the UCDavis Ag Health & Safety Center Outreach, Applied Behavioral Sciences Department and the California Highway Patrol, El Protector Program.

This radio public service announcement was produced by the Agricultural Health and Safety Center, Applied Behavioral Sciences of the University of California at Davis. For further information contact Jenny Rodriguez, UCCE, Ag. Bldg., County Civic Center, Visalia, CA 93291-4584, (209) 733-6491.

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