Play It Safe: Rural Safety Program for Kids

"Play It Safe" is a safety awareness program designed to educate young people about safety precautions in a rural environment. The program seeks to increase children's awareness about potential safety hazards in a rural setting, and help them learn how to keep themselves and their families as safe as possible.

The program includes an overview, a slide-show and a script, three tests and answer-sheets, a safety checklist which students can take home, and a program evaluation form. These documents are all available in both viewable and printable formats and can be selected below.

Play It Safe: Program Overview
Play It Safe: Slide Show Script
Play It Safe: Test 1
Play It Safe: Test 1 Key
Play It Safe: Post-test 2
Play It Safe: Post-test 2 Key
Play It Safe: Test 3
Play It Safe: Test 3 Key
Play It Safe: A Safety Exercise for the Whole Family
Play It Safe: Teacher/coordinator Evaluation Form

To start the slide show, select the item below. When viewing the slide show, click the mouse anywhere on the screen to continue on to the next slide.

Play It Safe: Slide Show

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