AgSafe: Agricultural Safety Training Materials

AgSafe is a non-profit coalition of groups and organizations dedicated to the reduction of injuries, illness, and fatalities in California agriculture. These safety training materials were developed in cooperation with the Safety Center, Inc. and the Farm Employers Labor Service. The materials are being disseminated in the public domain for the use of and distribution by any group or organization involved in agricultural work. There are a total of twelve safety modules consisting of an English script and a Spanish script.

Additional information about the AgSafe project is available, as well as information about the preparation and distribution of the safety modules and suggestions for their use.

Safely Working Around Agricultural Machinery
(Trabajando con Seguridad Alrededor de Maquinaria Agrícola)

Protective Clothing
(Ropa Protectora)

Safely Handling Pesticides
(Manejando Pesticidas con Seguridad)

Basic First Aid
(Primeros Auxilios Basicos)

Working Safely With and Around Electricity
(Trabajando con Seguridad con y Alrededor de la Electricidad)

Working Safely in the Farm/Ranch Shop
(Trabajando con Seguridad en el Taller de la Granja o el Rancho)

Back Injury Prevention
(Prevención de Lesion de Espalda)

Defensive Driving
(Conduciendo a la Defensiva)

Preventing Slips and Trips
(Evitando Resbalones y Tropezones)

Proper Use of a Respirator
(Uso Apropiado de un Respirador)

Safely Working With and Around Farm/Ranch Animals
(Trabajando con Seguridad Alrededor de Animales en la Granja o Rancho)

Safely Working Around Tractors
(Trabajar Seguramente con y Alrededor de Tractores)

These publications are compiled from various reference sources and are designed to provide current and authoritative information on the subject matter covered. They are provided with the understanding that the publishers are not engaged in rendering medical, legal, accounting or other professional service. AgSafe, the Safety Center, Inc., and FELS believe the information provided to be correct, but assume no liability for consequential or other damages attendant to the use of this material. In no event shall the liability of AgSafe, the Safety Center, Inc., or FELS for any claim, however designated, exceed the purchase price, if any, for this publication. No claim may be maintained against AgSafe, the Safety Center, Inc., or FELS in any tribunal unless written notice of the claim is delivered to the applicable entity within 30 days of its discovery. Information about the Agsafe Project can be obtained by writing to Agsafe, 140 Warren Hall, University of California, Berkeley, CA 94720

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